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AERO-SATCOM helps head of state aircraft move to Inmarsat’s aeronautical Global Xpress (GX) service

Customer contract follows AERO-SATCOM’s appointment as GX Government Aero VAR 


6 December 2016: AERO-SATCOM, the joint venture (JV) between Eclipse and NSSLGlobal, today signed an agreement with Inmarsat’s Global Government business unit which sees the JV appointed as Global Xpress (GX) Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the Government Aero market*. With Swift Broadband and Swift 64 distribution agreements previously signed, this latest development allows AERO-SATCOM to work alongside local partners to offer Inmarsat’s high performance Ka-band services. AERO-SATCOM’s first provisioning of aeronautical GX services will be through a local government-focused Inmarsat Service Provider for a fleet of Europe-based head of state aircraft.


The head of state aircraft retrofit begins in December with the service expected to be fully operational from February 2017. AERO-SATCOM will add value to the core GX service by supporting the delivery of onboard solutions developed by Eclipse that provide on-board bandwidth management, bandwidth optimisation and credit card payments for passenger internet access.


Shaun Flanagan, Sales Director, AERO-SATCOM said: “By using its globally available high throughput end-to-end satellite network, Inmarsat’s aeronautical GX Ka-band service brings higher levels of connectivity to aircraft, enabling video conferencing, seamless web browsing, live video streaming and file downloads. However, the aero global government market rarely wants a ‘standard’ package and values the expertise of AERO-SATCOM to add value through custom technologies that help them get the most from their data. Our ability to access a satcom laboratory installation of the aeronautical satcom system that supports Global Xpress gives AERO-SATCOM a big advantage in terms of better supporting customer demonstrations and developing these kind of custom-specific applications.” 


Andy Start, President, Inmarsat Global Government, said: “For head of state aviation customers, the aeronautical GX service transforms the in-flight experience by offering a global on-board connectivity service that is secure, reliable and high-speed. AERO-SATCOM, with its perfect blend of experience, expertise and resources, is a key Value Added Retailer for the Inmarsat Global Government team and plays an important role in helping us roll out GX to this highly-specialised market.”


AERO-SATCOM meets the market need for an all-round aeronautical satellite communications company that bridges the gap between two complex industries; the Governmental Aircraft industry and government sector Mobile Satellite Services (MSS). The AERO-SATCOM team has the specialist skills required to meet all the technical, regulatory and commercial aspects of projects when customer requirements develop where these two industries overlap. AERO-SATCOM’s business model is based on creating strong partnerships with companies that can leverage its technical and regulatory skills with exposure to their local government markets.




BLOG - Ten months in the life of AERO-SATCOM 

by Shaun Flanagan, Sales Director, AERO-SATCOM Ltd.


In September of 2015 Eclipse and NSSLGlobal announced the formation of the new joint venture, AERO-SATCOM Ltd. The rationale behind forming AERO-SATCOM was to combine the capabilities of both companies to the best effect. By bringing together Eclipse’s aeronautical satcom expertise and NSSLGlobal’s leading position in the government satcom market, AERO-SATCOM is able to provide world-leading solutions for the government aeronautical satcom arena. By combining our strong partner networks and a superior backend infrastructure, AERO-SATCOM is, we believe, better-equipped than any other company in the world to address the needs of this rapidly growing sector.

It’s now been ten months since the announcement of AERO-SATCOM, so I thought it was probably time for a quick update.

The team has been very busy, and has had good success so far. Customer traction since the formation of AERO-SATCOM has been strong, and fits with our expectations in terms of the considerable potential of this sector. As a result, the AERO-SATCOM team is busy on a number of exciting projects.

It’s in the nature of our business (and our customers) that we must remain discrete about exactly what we’re working on, and for whom. However, suffice to say AERO-SATCOM is currently strongly engaged, and at advanced stages of project development, with a number of governmental organisations around the world.

Speaking in the broadest terms, one area that has seen the greatest amount of traction, worldwide, has been satcom-enabled Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Whether this be for maritime patrol aircraft, Intelligence gathering operations or special forces, etc., this is a sector that presents unique challenges. Relaying extremely high definition imagery (and often video) back to a central source in real time presents unique challenges. The demands placed upon these systems are often critical, and their proper functioning can mean the difference between life or death. Various organisations have shown themselves keen to engage with AERO-SATCOM as a leading authority in this arena.

Another area of considerable traction has been the Head of State market. The primary goal for Heads of State is to remain permanently connected in order to stay completely up to date with the global geopolitical situation as it develops. This usually involves smaller individual quantities of data being collated from a large number of disparate source. Satcom systems are also often required to provide military VIPs with ‘Command & Control’ functionality; again, a very specialist area, and one that AERO-SATCOM is uniquely qualified to service.

Over the coming months AERO-SATCOM expects to make announcements based around these, and possibly other capabilities. We’ll be investigating some new technologies, looking for ways to eek the maximum return out of old technologies, and attempting to productise some of our offerings for the market.

In the meantime, watch this space...


9 December 2015:

Eclipse/NSSLGlobal joint venture company appointed as GX VAR for government aero market

AERO-SATCOM, a new joint venture company formed in September 2015 by aeronautical satcom specialist Eclipse and independent satcom provider NSSLGlobal, has been appointed as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Inmarsat’s new Global Xpress (GX) service, focusing on the rapidly expanding commercial market for government aviation satellite communication services.

AERO-SATCOM will both resell Inmarsat airtime (L-band and Ka-band) and work closely with Inmarsat on the design, delivery and certification of government aero solutions.

Andy Start, President, Inmarsat Global Government, said: “The government market for commercial satellite communications is, necessarily, a complex one. It comes with its own unique challenges, combined with the requirement for globally available, secure, seamless and flexible connectivity. To build business in this environment, especially for a completely new service such as Global Xpress, requires channel partners with the right experience, expertise and depth of resources.

AERO-SATCOM, which is able to draw upon the expertise of two established industry players, is aligned perfectly with our strategy to grow the military, V.V.I.P. and Head of State aero markets, offering the unique combination of our L-band SwiftBroadband service and our new high-speed, Ka-band global broadband service.”

AERO-SATCOM was founded to meet the market need for an all-round aeronautical satellite communications company with the objective of bridging the gap between two complex industries; the Governmental Aircraft industry and government sector Mobile Satellite Services (MSS).

Shaun Flanagan, Sales Director, AERO-SATCOM said: "We are excited to have been appointed as an Aeronautical Global Xpress VAR for Inmarsat Global Government. AERO-SATCOM is a unique Inmarsat distributor focussed completely on providing aeronautical solutions to the government sector. We provide our regional partners tools to address the aeronautical satcom needs of their government customers with the requisite technical and regulatory capabilities behind them.”

Eclipse has years of experience in the governmental Aeronautical Satellite Communications market, while NSSLGlobal has decades of experience, working with government and military end-users.


01 Sep 2015

Aeronautical satcom specialist Eclipse and independent satcom provider NSSLGlobal, together today announce the formation of AERO-SATCOM, created to address the needs of the rapidly-expanding government airborne satellite communications market. This new joint venture benefits from Eclipse's strong history of provisioning airborne satellite communications solutions in combination with NSSLGlobal's extensive partner network and leading infrastructure, making AERO-SATCOM an immediate contender when considering airborne satellite communications. AERO-SATCOM will support resellers to provide global and regional solutions to their government customers.

The airborne satellite communications sector has recently received a great deal of focus in military and government markets. In recent years the market for such solutions has seen substantial growth, with a predicted growth of 14% for L-Band and 24% for Ka-Band.

Since 1996 Eclipse, based in Paris, France, has provided partners and end customers in the government sector with airborne satcom hardware, air-time, systems integration and installation certification solutions. Eclipse has developed a profound understanding of the many variables that impact the success of airborne satcom projects. And with subsidiary companies servicing the broader aerospace refit market, it is uniquely placed to help partners and customers install and operate airborne satcoms equipment, an area where the complexities of the satellite communications and aerospace industries overlap.

NSSLGlobal, based in Redhill, UK, is a network service provider of satellite communications and IT support, committed to delivering high-quality voice and data services to customers anywhere in the world, regardless of location or terrain.

The company also offers a hugely broad range of services, and has a reputation as being unparalleled in its technical expertise and 24/7 support services. On top of this, importantly, NSSLGlobal also brings to the table one of the world's best global reseller and partner networks, a network that can now be leveraged by the joint venture.“In term of servicing this market it would be harder to think two companies that were more complementary," commented Sally-Anne Ray, Managing Director of NSSLGlobal. “Both demonstrate considerable expertise in their respective fields. But by combining the size, breadth and partner relationships of NSSLGlobal with the incredibly strong aeronautical satcom experience Eclipse has to offer, we effectively create a company that is stronger than the sum of its parts. The resulting joint venture, AERO-SATCOM, is now perfectly positioned to perform as a world leader in the rapidly-expanding airborne satellite communications markets."

“Over the years Eclipse has enjoyed many years of growth with the French government market, and with other EMEA based governments," added Eclipse General Manager, Marc Pinault. “However, AERO-SATCOM is all about extending the reach of this success to other markets. Together, NSSLGlobal and Eclipse will be able to penetrate further in this sector, into more geographies, than both could alone, and offer an entirely new standard of expertise, reach, and capability to the airborne satcoms market."

AERO-SATCOM has been established as a UK-registered company and will be working with partners globally to meet the needs of government airborne customer requirements such as head of state connectivity and military operators



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